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Discovering history through mediumship

Jennifer Brazier is an evidential medium.  For years she has been a conduit who shares messages from the world unseen, with those of us who still walk this earth. In addition to sharing healing messages, teaching others to receive messages of their own, and assisting police and rescue groups with locating missing people…Jennifer has always loved to explore various locations, to touch the soil of our ancestors, and experience how those who came before us lived.


She uses her highly attuned senses to communicate the stories of real people by giving those in the unseen world the opportunity to have a voice once again and inviting them to share their stories with her.

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Passed But Present
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Epsiode 1

Episode 1
"All that glitters isn't gold"
St. Elmo, Colorado

Jennifer explores "St Elmo", an abandoned mining town situated high in the Colorado Rockies This ghost town is filled with the history of the miners, settlers, and swindlers who eagerly share stories with her. 

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Episode 2
PBP EP03 16X9.jpg

Episode 2
"Blizzards, boulders and bone chilling water"
Agnes Vaille Falls, Colorado

As Jennifer ascends the Agnes Vaille trail towards its waterfall, she brings to life the efforts of experienced mountaineers, overtaken by a raging snowstorm and a family who were lost in an avalanche there in recent history.

Episode 3

Episode 3
"Get rich quick"
Salida, Colorado

Jennifer interacts with yesteryear in the colorful town of Salida, where prostitution was a way to find a wife, railroads provided jobs, and a secret network of tunnels shuttled the underbelly of life while fires leveled the town.  

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Episode 4
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Episode 4
"Tears are for healing" 
Cassadaga, Florida

Welcome to Cassadaga!  A small community located in the east-central part of Florida. Also known as the "Psychic Capital of the World". Jennifer enters The Ann Stevens House, stepping back into time as playful and curious spirits greet her.  

Episode 5

Episode 5
"Serving our time" 
New Orleans, Louisiana

Jennifer Brazier, an evidential medium, pieces together the lifetimes shared in a now-abandoned military fort and a quaint town known for those to 'Rest a while.' Touching on the scars left behind from a sugar plantation that continues to echo the torture of slavery, and leprosy now known to be a place of 'New Hope'. 

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Episode 6
PBP EP06 16X9.jpg
St Augustine pics 4.jpg
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Episode 6
"Gun powder, canon balls and bloodshed" 
St. Augustine, Florida

Weaving through the connections between people and places, Jennifer unravels a tapestry that depicts the origins and enduring struggles of invasions, blunders, and the grand fortress renowned as the 'Ancient City' in St. Augustine.

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Hosted by Jennifer Brazier


At the time of physical death, the Soul leaves the body. This perfect Soul holds all the memories, love and understanding of this life. It is immediately reunited with loved ones who have passed before them, holding them close.  The Soul begins to heal.  There is never suffering, no matter how they left us. Know that they do not get lost or stuck, nor are gone forever. Their Soul has returned to the Spirit World or the Other Side…to a beautiful place of never-ending love and acceptance that Jennifer Brazier likes to call “Home.” And the most wonderful news is that we are still able to communicate with them. 


Love never dies!


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